Wednesday, April 25, 2018

T-Shirt Quilt & Placemats: WIP Wednesday

Hello and happy Wednesday!

Well, I'm still plugging away on the custom T-shirt quilt this week, and it's coming along quite nicely.

Here's my progress since last week. :)

I got all the columns and the bottom row finished on Friday.

Monday, I started adding in the long sashing strips. If you missed my Pro-tip Tuesday yesterday, I talk about all those pins and sewing stretchy fabrics.

By the end of yesterday, here's where I left it.  All the sashing strips finished and attaching the border!

I also started a smaller project since last Wednesday.  I'm trying to find balance between custom orders and working on my shop, so I started another set of my Scrappy Stars Placemats.  I thought it would be to try the pattern with ombre fabric, and I'm not disappointed!  I got 2 tops completed, so hopefully I can fit in the other 2 tops tomorrow.

Well, that's what I'm working on this week...thanks so much for stopping by today!

I'm linking up today with Wednesday Wait Loss, WOW, and Let's Bee Social!


  1. The t-shirt quilt looks wonderful - nice placement and perfect sized stripping. I like the placemats with the ombre, too. They are really pretty against the grays.

  2. The ombre sure makes those placemats beautiful! You're making great progress on that tshirt quilt. Before you know it, you'll be done! Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.