Saturday, March 18, 2023

Life update and 2 Finished Quilts!

 Hello, Hello!  It's definitely been a hot minute since I posted here, but I'm planning on changing that!  Since I was here last, I've continued quilting.  Honestly, I have been so busy creating custom t-shirt quilts for my local clientelle that I've lost focus everywhere else.

Even more exciting that being busy with custom quilts is that our family has grown!  We welcome our sweetie baby girl (girl #4!) in January of 2022.  My world was completely flipped upside down as I'd not had a baby in 8 years.  

Well, she's not a busy toddler who is walking and climbing and into EVERYTHING.

Having a baby definitely has not made quilting easier, but it has reminded me of what's important and given me a renewed desire to work for my dreams.  I'll be sharing more of the exciting things coming up soon!

In the meantime, here are the last 2 quilts I finished!  These were a fun combo involving concert t-shirts for the same client.

They are each approximately 40" x 50", or what I call the "baby quilt size" for ordering.

I used a medium grey thread to quilt them with a simple meandering pattern.  I find meandering is my go-to for t-shirt quilts as it allows some softness without over-quilting.  

I kept the binding nice and simple, using the solid red for the rock concert quilt and a simple, tone-on-tone grey for the Christian concert quilt.

Well, it feels good to back to writing and sharing here 💜

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  Happy quilting!