Friday, March 17, 2017

Memory Tree Quilt Finished!

I'm excited to have this one finished and in its forever home. <3

This is a memory quilt I created for a customer.  With the "tree of life" as our inspiration, I used his mother's clothes for the trunk, leaves, and stripped border.

One of my favorite parts about doing memory quilts is that you have to be flexible and constantly in "design mode".  This darling little bird house was one of her sweatshirts, and I was stuck for a little while on how I would incorporate it.  It wouldn't fit into my leaf templates, nor would it fit the border.  Then it hit me...I could use it as an actual birdhouse!  

The quilting was a lot of fun on this too.  This is the first time I played with a lot of negative space.  I used spirals for the base and around the trunk, then I filled in around the leaves with leaf shapes and echos.

If you look closely, you can see I quilted a bark shape into the tree trunk.  

It was so was nearly impossible to get it all in one shot!

I'm always honored when I get to do a project like this.  This quilt was so special. <3

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Have an awesome day!


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  1. What a great commission, you have produced a lovely quilt for your client to remember his mother by. Congratulations all round :)

  2. That is a beautiful way to create a memory quilt - fantastic idea with the birdhouse!

  3. I have bags of clothes from my deceased MIL and FIL and have been looking for ideas for memory quilts. Loving what you did here. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Words can not express how I feel about my quilt. ( I love it ) We lost my mom very unexpectedly and I didn't get to say good bye but as I lay here for the first time with it wrapped around, I can feel my mothers arms holding me tight as I weep telling me everything will be ok. Summer did an amazing job on it and everyone has loved it. I could go on and on, all I can say which seems so small is Thank You.

  5. What a beautiful, special quilt. The design is marvelous - love the birdhouse idea and the piecing borders.

  6. Thank you for sharing this lovely quilt. It will be treasured for a very long time. You shine in creativity!

  7. Love the added touch of the bird house! Great job on this special quilt.